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We are Back Alley


A folk lover, a classic rock aficionado, and an ex-metal bassist walk into a bar...while it may make for a lousy joke, it's a recipe for great entertainment!

At our musical core, we’re a folk-rock band in the vein of groups like Mumford and Sons or The Lumineers, but our musical palate is very broad. We first played music together 7 plus years ago while students at Augustana University, earning a reputation as an entertaining, versatile cover band. After graduation, several of us continued playing together, wanting to complement our covers with an emphasis on original music - so we formed Back Alley!


Vocals, Rhythm Guitar / Dustin Pederson
Vocals, Instrumentals / Ethan Pauley
Bass, Harmony / Ryne Rockwell



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Bottles & Books - EP

by Back Alley